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News 2011

Upgrades to PBSC Fogging Shower

The PBSC ultrasonic fog shower offers better performance to the traditional misting shower used for the encapsulation and removal of API’s on operator clothes and removal of airborne particles. The advantages include lower water consumption, droplets up to 1000 times smaller in mass than the mist droplets and the ability to add an agent to the fog to enhance the cycle performance if required.

The fogging shower has been developed based upon our traditional deluge shower which has been providing reliable personnel decontamination in facilities around the world since 1996.
The fogging shower uses much less water than traditional deluge and misting showers and provides improved levels of encapsulation on disposable suits or removal of powders from reusable suits.

The showers performance has been independently assess by SafeBridge.

Assessment Summary

• API production facilities run the risk of inadvertent cross contamination – or – containment loss when PPE suited operators exit the production facility. PBSC have demonstrated the performance of their fogging shower in effectively encapsulating API particles contaminating PPE clad operators. Reductions in airborne contamination following the PBSC cycle were between 600 and 800 times. Surface contamination levels were reduced by 100 to 300 times.

• Refer to test report in appendix 1 by SafeBridge Europe ltd.

• Attached are images from the SafeBridge assessment. Full 77 page document available on request.

Key Advantages of the PBSC Fogging Shower

• Independently assessed performance of shower on both disposable and reusable suits.
• Droplet size more consistent than misting nozzles
• Plug and play control panel system, allowing wiring to be completed by PBSC during mechanical installation
• Spare parts can be changed quickly via plug system
• Full glass doors provide maximum visibility, opaque and screen print options available
• cGMP stainless steel construction, in 304 or 316L
• Interlocked doors, allowing use as an air lock as well as a shower
Standard Sizes (external dimensions)
Straight Through Design
• 1100mm (43.25”) W x 2435mm (96”) H x 1400mm (55”) D Right Angle or Straight Through with Air Shower Upgrade
• 1400mm (55”) W x 2435mm (96”) H x 1400mm (55”) D

Customers Include:

Bristol Myers Squibb

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